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☻☼*☺ every day seeing sight with light. (sometimes capturing things.)

mug with man in rocking chair with two dogs. below it says Vaarin Kuppi, which is Finnish for Cup of Caution curio shelf with soft vinyl toys curio shelf with soft vinyl toys curio shelf with soft vinyl toys curio shelf with soft vinyl toys dresser with pens and sculptures kuman thong a calendar with a painted horse curio shelf with soft vinyl toys Duvalia parviflora cactus seedling three cactus grafts in a plastic box ruby the dog and elephant ceramic cactus fruit in my palm the CD - Sax for Lovers, Disc 2 stickers of dog, pasta dessert, picasso bird phone macro photo of succulent, red dot in center huervalia succulent with new growth, tiny red dot on right most stem blurry hummingbird photo green lithops macro mushroom macro photo of cactus pup art on wall - curio shelf, collage whitesloanea-huerniopsis hybrid lakeside and hills in late evening large clouds as seen from backseat of car blue stenocereus cactus grafted on top of green trichocereus cactus old handheld AM radio 14 deer in a yard between two houses wooden cutout of horse painted purple with snake for tail euphorbia meloformis under UV light jack vance's book Galactic Effectuator metal spiral staircase box of seeds turtles in water near boat dock huernia flower lady bug on plastic aphrodite trichocereus pachnoi huervalia hybrid whitesloanea crassa stenocereus cactus leaf in a spider web clouds in a row duvalia sulcata astrophytum myriostigma baby toes succulent grass growing in a bluff huervalia with heatmap myriostigma with heatmap sunset over lake caterpillar in door mat Tree of 40 Fruits in winter Tree of 40 Fruits in spring Tree of 40 Fruits in maintenance (it's gone) aircraft listening station painting of deer looking at sky bluffs along lake in sunshine

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