live blogging slow style

initial feeling: going to a conference about plant magic was a mistake

i am deeply uncomfortable listening to people's bullshit theories.

it's "cute" when people use P. instead of typing out "Psilocybe" like it's some secret code (example: P. azurescens)

there's genuine talk about "skin walkers"

great. links to amazon for books.

it sucks feeling like i will never find my type of people. some of my interests attract gullible gobshites

why do poncy "occult" book publishers slaver over fancy limited editions oh wait it' s just consumerism

now they're calling everything people say or share "knowledge"

one organizer's bio says "No racism, no politics."

white hosts with dreads

keynote basically said try any plant and see how it makes u feel

the next time i consider doing some ~mysticism~ event like this, i need to do some botany/ethnobotany thing instead (even if the mysticism thing IS cheap)

my friend's presentation is really good though

everyone loves henbane, apparently