A brief guide to growing Lagochilus inebrians

with photos!


Fresh seeds may have less difficulty germinating and not need cold stratification

Cold stratification seems to work

Methods anecdotally recommended, but untested:


At this stage not very sensitive to humidity

May droop when needs watering, bounces back quickly

Young Plant

Cactus mix soil with sand/perilite and calcinated clay, granite, zeolite, and vermiculite

Unglazed clay pot, water from bottom if possible

Sensitive to humidity and overwatering - appears similar to "damping off" - unclear if due to fungal infection (leaves will turn yellow and dry up - no visible mold or spots)

Desiccant dehumidifier and light fan running constantly most effective - keep rh below 30% if at all possible (most consumer models of dehumidifier will not be effective). even with a good dehumidifier, you will still have some die off, particularly in spring.

Leaves can burn (maybe if over fertilized) - they turn purplish red, then brown

In captivity, spider mites can be a persistent issue - Predatory mites most effective

Mature Plant

Will develop thick, sturdy base - fan seems to help with this

Humidity, overwatering, and spider mites remain challenges

Slightly more forgiving to mistakes

Flowers hermaphroditic, white, can be pollinated with small brush

Some Guesses:

It responds well to fertilizer and regular watering:

Soil should be alkaline, based on two sources of info

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