August 3, 2023

keeping time

binomial #029_

where i'm going, i don't need clocks. i just look at my plants.

the finger points to a faint sharpie mark i made on a rib that was at the center. the melocactus has grown that much since spring. kudos to kaktus!

that little finger points to a scar that the Euphorbia abdelkuri had when i first got it. ⌚out!

these fingers points to the same pup on a graft, several months apart. i'm going to need a bigger finger next time i take a pic!


time flowing in your flesh,
riding atop unknown undulations
rippling hills, expanding boughs
bursting bark, virid leavings
grasp a hand of green time
behold waxy gray calendabras
undulating in the heat
from grass weaving wind
to pine tree air filter song
the great green is keeping time

- ccsey