March 21, 2023

welcome to my micromicroblog

binomial #007_

i have had a blackberry-looking screen for a few years now and never found a good use for it... until now:
  • handheld

micromicroblogging is so new you may not have heard of it yet. it's the new metaverse, a cryptocurrency slayer, better than linkedin and tiktok combined. it's the reason silicon valley bank went bust.

i know what you're thinking. so... what is micromicroblogging?

micromicroblogging is where you post a text file on the internet - a true marvel of one-way communication. it's smaller than twitter or mastodon. it's real, it's now, and here's how it works:

hardware - adafruit featherwing:
software - circuitpython:
  1. 📶 start device - it connects to the home wifi (and vibrates)
  2. 🔡 user types out some words
  3. ↩️ on press of return key, it downloads the current txt file at /1.txt
  4. 🔝 adds the new words in front of the txt file contents (reverse. chronological. order.)
  5. 🆙 uploads new txt file back to /1.txt
  6. 📳 success = vibrating disc goes whir
  7. 🖼️ /micromicroblog displays lightly styled iframe of text

keep micromicroblogging,