February 19, 2023

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binomial #003_

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The Binomial Bargain Bin

Some people don't quite know what to make of euphorbias. Are they a cactus? a tree? a thistle?
Since euphorbias were described relatively late by western science, botanists just thought looked like everything else.
  -ioides is a Latinate ending meaning "similar to."  
Euphorbia pachypodioides Dr. Euphorbos Pachypodium-like  
Euphorbia neostapelioides Dr. Euphorbos New Stapelia-like  
Euphorbia dendroides Dr. Euphorbos Tree-like  
Euphorbia tithymaloides Dr. Euphorbos Tithymalus-like  
Euphorbia amygdaloides Dr. Euphorbos Amygdalus-like  
Euphorbia clavarioides Dr. Euphorbos Clavaria-like  
Euphorbia monadenioides Dr. Euphorbos Monadenium-like  
Euphorbia opuntioides Dr. Euphorbos Opuntia-like  
Euphorbia peperomioides Dr. Euphorbos Peperomia-like  
Euphorbia plumerioides Dr. Euphorbos Plumeria-like  
Euphorbia didieroides  Dr. Euphorbos Didierea-like  
These are just a few of the euphorbias that people think look like other things.
There are tons more. Trust me.  

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