February 13, 2023

let's have a word (or two)

binomial #002_
hi, hello!
  lotus tank worm food      
  succulent milkweed birch tar      
  sand engine seaberry saltbush      
  goofy goober hound grog      
  gumnut babies biome ass      
  binomial nomenclature (I got most of this information by skimming wikipedia)  
  The binomen (that's one word for two-part name!) is part of the scientific classification system traced back to Linnaeus.
It goes "Genus" + "species."
  Scientific names can be useful and interesting.
(They also can permanently encode the cultural baggage of the scientific community.)
Before the two-part name was standardized, there were other ways of categorization, such as long Latin descriptions:

Plantago foliis ovato-lanceolatus pubescentibus, spica cylindrica, scapo tereti

which has become:

Plantago media
  Here are some choice binomial plant names for you, plus the literal meaning of each.  
    Binomen Genus name meaning Specific epithet meaning  
    Pseudolithos caput-viperae false stone snake head  
    Astrophytum caput-medusae star plant medusa head  
    Euphorbia caput-aureum Dr. Euphorbos golden head  
  I want to know: What's your favorite binomen? It could be a plant, an animal, a bacteria, a fungus, a virus, etc. etc.!  
condiment portmanteaus
  add some flavor to any dish with these mashed-up words  
  Wasabioli Wasabi + Aioli      
  Fabanaise Aquafaba + Mayonnaise      
  Tarchup Tartar Sauce + Ketchup      
  Mayoracha Mayonnaise + Sriracha      
Buffalo Sauce + Ranch Dressing
  SQUARCH is coming up soon. Mark your calendars for March 1st!    
  Be there. Be square.    
  - c