February 07, 2023

shave and a haircut, 2 words

binomial #001_

Enjoy this biweek's binomial phrases!

whether balloon ceramic hog
heart rendering time atlas
blameless discernment rain barrel
log bog barn owl
home gecko fruit squeezer
office gecko succulent sulphur
natal caves chow chow
pine fines amber sun


The Anti-binomial Portmanteau* Featurette

*one word that combines the sound and meaning two words

This week's portmanteau is


The two words that it is composed of are "square" and "March." It signifies the observance of sharing a square (usually an image) during the month of March. We're 99.9% sure it was coined/started in 2020 by Ranjit Bhatnagar.


  Wednesday, March 1, 2023
  4:34 AM CST
  OMG it's #squarch y'all

Thank you,