People of the Desert
砂漠の民 Sabaku no Tami

By "Akitsu Saburou" A.K.A. Hayao Miyazaki
Originally serialized in Boys and Girls Newspaper (1969-1970)
Translated by Hox Scanlations
Reader Note: This is a Japanese work,
so you read it right to left (like manga).

chapter 1a
chapter 1b
chapter 2a
chapter 2b
chapter 3a
chapter 3b
chapter 4a
chapter 4b
chapter 5a
chapter 5b
chapter 6a
chapter 6b
chapter 7a
chapter 7b
chapter 8a
chapter 8b
chapter 9a
chapter 9b
chapter 10a
chapter 10b
chapter 11a
chapter 11b
chapter 12a
chapter 12b
chapter 13a
chapter 13b
chapter 14a
chapter 14b
chapter 15a
chapter 15b
chapter 16a
chapter 16b
chapter 17a
chapter 17b
chapter 18a
chapter 18b
chapter 19a
chapter 19b
chapter 20a
chapter 20b
chapter 21a
chapter 21b
chapter 22a
chapter 22b
chapter 23a
chapter 23b
chapter 24a
chapter 24b
chapter 25a
chapter 25b
chapter 26a
chapter 26b

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